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Register for the European workshop on assisted reproduction Nov. 12 - 13th, 2016 is closed

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Probabies organizes workshops to provide unbiased valuable information to intended parents and lots of opportunities to access a wide range of service providers and connect with others.  

List of resources

On the internet there are many ads and promises. Probabies provides a vast list of approved and reputable agencies, providers and clinics for appropriate personalized decisions.

Assist & funding

To overcome unwanted childlessness meets many hurdles, not least financial ones. We can help to access free and discounted services and assist in all fields of regulatory bodies.


Unwanted childlessness causes big problems for millions of people. They want to have babies, but there are medical or other circumstances e.g. for gay and lesbian partnerships (LGBT) that prevent them from living in a happy family with children.

To make matters worse, even in the European Union practically every member state has different regulations on medical procedures like IVF, semen, egg cell and embrionic transfer, surrogacy and adoption.  

Many members of the EU have no equal rights for married and unmarried couples, singles, lesbian and gay partnerships, you name it. There are many obstacles and financing the sometimes outrageous costs is not easy, too.

Probabies collects and sorts relevant, unbiased information on medical, regulatory and financial issues and provides assistance and help free from all ideological, political and religious influences. Just to facilitate the journey of parenthood.

Probabies  is a not-for-profit organisation!


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Babies make happy families

News & Upcoming events

Brussels / Belgium

Workshop Nov.,          12-13th, 2016

Saturday     Nov., 12th    17.30 - 20.00 Sunday        Nov., 13th    09.00 -18.00

Probabies will held a weekend workshop on important aspects of parenthood possibilties through medical, surrogacy and adoption.

More information and registration

Seats are limited, so sign up now.